PCs und servers for offices

Silent computers in mini-format are in their preferred living space in the office. The key features are optimal performance, low power consumption, quiet operation, small footprint and high reliability. The smartly designed mini-PCs and servers from Prime Computer combine all these qualities in an attractive yet unobtrusive design.

Durable & sustainable

The Mini-PCs and servers from Prime Computer work completely silently. This creates an ideal workplace where concentration is not disturbed by fan noise.

Thanks to their innovative design, the desktop PCs and servers are optimally protected against wear, tear and dirt. They require hardly any maintenance. This saves time and money. Thanks to their recyclable components, durable construction and low power consumption, they have a considerably smaller ecological footprint than conventional PCs and servers.

More space on your desk

The ultra-compact Mini-PCs can be placed directly on the desk. This way, all connections can be easily reached. The PCs and servers are also much more accessible for IT technicians.

Thanks to the Intel vPro business features, the Mini-PCs can be remotely maintained on BIOS-level and in shutdown mode. This saves costs and shortens maintenance and support times, where employees cannot work at their PCs. The built-in Trusted Platform Module (TPM) enables advanced security features.

Prime Computer benefits for your office

  • Can be placed directly on the desk thanks to ultra-compact form factor and silence
  • Save operating costs thanks to minimal power consumption and longer product life cycles
  • Lower maintenance costs thanks to high-quality components and wear-free design
  • Fast and competent help thanks to Swiss expert support
  • High configurability, pay only what you really need
  • Less downtime thanks to exceptionally high reliability
  • Hardware business features allow remote maintenance on BIOS level
  • Achieve internal sustainability goals, thanks to low energy consumption, long product life and prime computer environmental initiatives
  • Use of own servers even without a server room thanks to silence and flexible installation on stands

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