Second Life Cycle

Our Mission

Give your obsolete IT hardware a second life

We strongly believe in the upcycling of technology assets. Providing a Second Life for IT is essential as we can avoid unnecessary waste and provide affordable computing for people in less developed regions.

We meet your company’s need to demonstrate its environmental credentials and focus exclusively on delivering environmentally friendly IT solutions.

Sustainability plays an important role in all sectors of the economy. The potential is particularly high in the IT sector. We want to exploit this potential and conserve resources by acting consciously and responsibly. This is why we work with a certified partner to ensure that your devices are reused instead of destroyed.

Re-use instead of scrapping

Return your old devices and receive a credit note from us

Give your old IT hardware a second life instead of disposing it all. Many PCs, servers or monitors are still functional and can still be used. After all, reuse is much more ecological than recycling. The reason: not all components and raw materials can be reused during recycling, and reprocessing requires energy.

We take back larger quantities of used IT devices and reintroduce them into the cycle via a certified partner. So people in weaker economic regions can benefit from functioning IT.

You will receive a credit note for your old IT hardware, which you can redeem in our online shop. The amount of the credit depends on the value of the hardware sent in.

Data erasure

The security of your data is our top priority

Your company data is confidential and contains sensitive information. Our partner ensures that this information does not reach unauthorized third parties through careful and certified deletion.

The hard disks are deleted in the secure logistics centre with the certified and worldwide leading deletion software Blancco and YouWipe. These programs meet the highest security standards. A complete documentation of the deletion according to all legal regulations is guaranteed. The deletions take place exclusively in Switzerland.


How does a return work?

  1. Download the Excel form, fill it in and upload it below or send it directly to
  2. We will send you an offer with the amount of the credit note (approx. 5 working days)
  3. Order your new Prime Computer devices with the credit code in our Online Shop
  4. After receiving the new devices, you can transfer your data to the new devices
  5. Tell us a possible pick-up date for your disused equipment, we will organise a pick-up (on Euro pallets)
  6. Your data is eliminated by 3-fold data deletion
  7. We send you the deletion report of your devices
  8. Your equipment will be shipped abroad, where it will enable SMEs, schools or other educational projects in weaker economic regions to access IT

Upload completed form here

  • Upload the completed form here.

General terms and conditions

End-of-life PCs, servers and screens of all brands can be returned. The IT hardware sent to us must be functional and complete (devices can be sent without a hard drive, but this must be specified in the form). Devices sent in cannot be returned to the owner. The information provided in the form must be true, in the event of major discrepancies we reserve the right to recalculate part of the credit. The amount of the credit is based on the current market value of the submitted hardware and may vary. The data deletion is a 3-fold deletion. The credit can be redeemed in our shop and may not exceed 50% of the purchase price. The collection of the disused IT devices takes place only in Switzerland.