Power amplifier for digital devices

Main points

  • 50 watts continuous / 100 watts music power per channel
  • Suitable for running 24/7
  • Auto on/off via signal detection
  • 2.1 decoder for use with a subwoofer
  • Manual level control for adjustment to the digital source
  • Fanless, totally silent, 0 dB
  • Speaker connection: 4 mm banana sockets
  • Input: S/PDIF optical, S/PDIF coax – manually switchable

Peak musical performance

The PrimeAMP converts digital signals, such as from a PC, network player (e.g. Sonos Connect), Playstation or TV, into amazing, powerful sound.
Even large floorstanding loudspeakers are no challenge for the PrimeAMP, which can easily fill rooms up to 35 m2. And by fill we mean recreating the original dynamics, from resolution to volume, for sound that could just as well be coming directly from a stage.

Prime Computer’s amplifier is passively cooled, completely fanless and delivers energy at all volume levels for hours on end without any limitations. The PrimeAMP is also suitable for professional use.

Does your TV fall short on sound quality?

PrimeAMP can solve the problem.
Connect the PrimeAMP to a digital source (e. g. your TV), hook up your favourite loudspeakers and off you go. The amplifier detects the signal, adjusts itself automatically and later reverts to standby mode when the source is switched off. It couldn’t be easier. From the spoken word to concert sound, you will experience vibrant quality.


W: 17,7 cm, H: 4,5 cm, L: 11,6 cm

1,2 kg


Aluminum solid, brushed, anodised

Operating noise 
0 dB, fanless design

Power Consumption
Less than 1W power consumption when in sleep mode

5 years


  • Universal (110-240VAC 50-60Hz) mains power input (IEC connector)
  • Input: S/PDIF optical, S/PDIF coax – manually switchable
  • Subwoofer output (line level) – Phono/RCA
  • Speaker connection: 4 mm banana sockets


  • Power Cord
  • Speaker connection: 4x banana 4mm-plugs

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