General practitioners and medical specialists

General practitioners provide medical care to patients in all areas of their lives, regardless of age, gender or type of disease. They are usually quickly reachable and work together with medical specialists to ensure that comprehensive medical care is continuously available to the patient. Physicians spend many hours working in their offices and need to meet the extensive requirements of the authorities and health insurance providers in addition to engaging in personal exchange with their patients. The result is a huge workload for the computer with regard to reporting, administrative documentation, data input, provision of information and record-keeping. This calls not only for a powerful system, but also for a computer that doesn’t spread additional germs and bacteria among patients already affected by illness.

High-performance hardware from Prime Computer and the software provided by our partner MedicalDesktop support every process in a medical practice with maximum power and maximum hygiene. All this with no noise from fans or health hazards through radiation, germs and bacteria, just a very low power consumption rate. Products from Prime Computer enable users to not only rationalise the medical office workload, but also to improve the care and treatment they provide to their patients.

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