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Sustainable solutions for the
IT market

Prime Computer was founded in 2013 and is based in the city of St. Gallen in the eastern part of Switzerland.

We are convinced that IT hardware has to be produced and used sustainably. Environmental and social aspects are key in the production of Prime Computer products. Once in operation, the focus lies on energy efficiency and longevity.

For these reasons we develop our durable, low-maintenance and economical mini-PCs and servers. The fanless design and the use of high-quality and precisely tuned components allow a particularly compact design and give our PCs and servers maximum reliability. Therefore, we grant a warranty of 5 years on all products and components.

Manufactured in Switzerland

All Prime Computer products are manufactured in Switzerland at the company‘s head office in St. Gallen. The mini-PCs and servers are assembled and tested by our engineers in our in-house workshop. The individual components are procured from reputable companies such as Intel, Samsung and Kingston.

The Prime Computer team

People with roots in 7 different nations work in the team of Prime Computer. Together we share the passion of advancing the young company Prime Computer through our commitment and our individual skills.

Prime Computer Team

Jürg Schneider

Chief Sales Officer & Business Development

Leoni Bleisch

Accounting & Controlling


Fynn Wohlgensinger

Brand & Sales Communication


Marija Sunic

Chief Administrative Officer


Sacha Ghiglione

Chief Executive Officer


Moustafa Galmad

IT & Production


Dominik Prieth

Chief Technology Officer


Olivia Imhof

Marketing & Public Relations


Lorin Bienz

IT & Sales Intern


Nadine Ghiglione

People & Culture


Eduard Schlup

Customer Relationship Manager


Nigel Ransom

Sales Director, AMEA


Board of Directors

Remo Bienz

Chairman of the Board,
Founder and Co-Owner of Fortimo AG

Oliver Frommenwiler

Member of the Board,
Project Manager at Advice Informatik AG

Valon Asani

Member of the Board,
Founder MIK Group & Dua.com

Sacha Ghiglione

Delegate of the Board,
Chief Executive Officer

Honest opinions of our customers

Michel Bernhard

“We have worked with PrimeMinis for two years. They are used predominantly for office work. The PrimeMini causes no problems or noise. This computer is simply brilliant.”

Bruno Nagy
Head of IT

“If we had to describe the PrimeMini in use as an office PC in a few words, it would be these: smart, innovative, quiet and appealing.”

Marcel Rüegg

“Fanless computers are essential for our work in the carpenter’s workshop. PrimeMinis stand out through their reliability, compact form and appealing design.”

Daniel Hojdelewicz
Head of IT

“We use PrimeMinis in various ways, both as everyday office computers and as architectural design tools. In a firm of our size, we are pleased with these straightforward and maintenance-free machines.”

Prime Computer AG
Prime Computer AG
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