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Tech Tip: Windows 10 sleep mode

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Install drivers

  1. Download Intel Management Engine and graphics drivers
  2. Install drivers
    1. Intel Management Engine > extract .zip file > File ME_SW_MSI > execute SetupME.exe
    2. Graphics drivers > execute the downloaded app (.exe)
  3. Restart the PC

Download Intel Management Engine
Download graphics drivers for PrimeMini 4

Video Tutorial: Install drivers (Activate English captions)

Disable sleep mode

  1. Type cmd in the Windows search field > App Command Prompt appears
  2. Open (right click) Command Prompt as administrator > Command Prompt opens in a new window
  3. write “powercfg -h off” > press enter
  4. Right click on Windows icon > Pop up menu opens
  5. Click on “Power Options” > opens in a new window
  6. Edit “sleep” > Switch to “never”
Video Tutorial: Disable sleep mode (Activate English captions)

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