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2.5 Zoll SSD geöffnet
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SSD in PrimeMini 4

Old weaknesses eliminated

Until recently the weakness of SSDs was that they could not be rewritten indefinitely. In the meantime, this has become a theoretical limitation for PCs and servers. Currently, Samsung 860 Evo SSDs are installed in the PrimeMinis. Such a Samsung SSD with a 1 terabyte storage capacity has a 600 terabyte write capacity guaranteed by Samsung. That means in the prime computer warranty period of 5 years, one would have to describe the SSD per day with 329 gigabytes, in order to reach the guaranteed maximum writing capacity. An average PC user will never write that much data on his SSD even in a much longer period than 5 years. In addition, the actual maximum write capacity is usually much higher than the write capacity guaranteed by the manufacturer. For servers, special SSDs are installed, which again have a much higher maximum write capacity.

Today, SSDs are faster, smaller, more robust, and more durable than HDDs, making them the logical choice for data storage in the high quality PrimeMinis.

SSD vs. HDD Infographic

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