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Is It Worth Buying a Fanless PC?

Find out if a fanless PC is the right fit for your computer usage needs

Long before the introduction of fanless PCs, users relied solely on traditional fan-cooled models, for better or for worse. Today, sales of fanless computers, like those from Prime Computer, are on the rise and for good reason. Between reduced noise levels, durability and increasingly affordable costs, there’s a lot to admire about fanless PCs, but their advantages depend on your personal needs.

For users who focus on things like browsing and internet usage, there are few factors to consider that will help you determine whether a fanless PC can offer an improvement over your current computer.

Compact and perfect for any space

If you’re looking for a small and discreet computer for your home or office, a fanless PC may provide the perfect fit. Most computers are designed to be a little bigger in order to compensate for fan size and large ones may even require multiple fans in order to cool different components. By eliminating the need for fans, however, not only are fanless PCs quieter, they’re also much smaller.

This goes for both laptops and desktop PCs. Fanless laptops are considerably thinner and lighter in weight, while small, fanless PCs are so prominent they’ve been given their own category—“Mini PCs”. Though technically not every Mini PC is fanless, most rely on the absence of a fan in order to fit components into such a compact unit, while also providing enough power to facilitate everyday usage.

If size is your concern, a fanless computer may be worth considering.

Improved cleanliness

As a rule, a PC fan is either going to draw air in or blow air out in order to cool internal components, like the battery or GPU. If your laptop or desktop fan is, in fact, drawing in air, that might not be the only thing it’s taking in. Dust and debris can easily find their way into your computer this way and have the potential to create more problems than a cooling fan can prevent.

The internal components of a fanless computer from Prime Computer, on the other hand, remain much cleaner and don’t collect nearly the same amount of dust, meaning their much less likely to face performance issues in the future.

Fewer repairs necessary

Similar to their cleanliness, fanless PCs also tend to be more durable and can last much longer without the need for repair. Fans aren’t perfect mechanisms and will eventually require a fix or complete replacement, especially if dust and debris are collecting inside. For a PC with one fan, this might not be a pressing issue, but if you’re using one that has multiple fans, there’s the potential for more to go wrong.

It’s not just the fans that are at risk of repair either. If a fan stops working and isn’t repaired, the resulting heat can cause many more problems to internal components. Added up, the cost of these repairs or replacement parts, in addition to the upfront cost of an expensive PC, may not be worth your time or money. In contrast, Prime Computer fanless PCs don’t have this problem and overheating from a broken fan simply isn’t a risk.

Affordable for home or work

In addition to the low maintenance of fanless PCs, they are relatively affordable machines when compared to most computers. Because they offer a pared-down and streamlined design, what you see is what you get: a powerful computer that works well in almost every setting. Both fanless laptops and desktops are widely available and are geared towards users who are comfortable with standard power and want a PC that is ready for use.

Use in any location

Fanless PCs have a lot of advantages over fan-cooled machine but one of the least obvious may be their flexibility in terms of where they can be used. For example, fanless PCs are the computer of choice for use in operating rooms because the fans don’t pose the risk of contaminating the sterilized spaces. If you need to run a computer in a space that is prone to dust or is not well ventilated, a fanless Mini PC is a perfect choice and performance won’t be affected by the condition of the room.


It is impossible to determine the best type of computer when so many people rely on them for different purposes. While users who enjoy PC gaming
won’t see the benefits of a fanless computer, there are so many advantages that a fanless computer provides for those who want to use it for basic functions, like internet browsing, photo editing or office work. If you’re looking for a compact, lightweight and affordable computer, a fanless computer may be worth every penny and will likely hold up for years to come.

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