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Mini PC: Very powerful despite its small size

This Mini PC is equipped for all tasks

When choosing the computer, the size doesn’t really matter anymore. This is impressively demonstrated by the products from Prime Computer AG. The minimalist design of the small PCs meets impressive performance standards. In addition, the computers can score with their incredible reliability and are thus the first choice for both private and business customers.

The added value is enormous

Companies, IT managers and PC users can look forward to the solutions from Prime Computer AG. Thus, the mini computers are equipped for all requirements and the processes can be optimized. This reduces the effort and ultimately has a positive effect on the company turnover. Operational safety is also increased, making Swiss-made computers a benchmark for safety and quality. The computers look good, especially in office space. Thanks to the fanless design, they can perform their services without any noise and vibrations. This makes the workplace healthier and, the computers are even protected against wear, thanks to its design. This goal is achieved thanks to its robust aluminum housing. Since the mini computers have no ventilation, no dust can penetrate into the housing. Thus, the durability of the computer increases enormously and it equally confer this non-pollutant benefits to the climate in the room. Dust is not whirled up and the air quality is improved. Due to this innovative design, the devices no longer require maintenance and thus entrepreneurs and individuals can save a lot of money. The components of the computer can be recycled, thereby protecting the environment (from unnecessary waste). Another benefit is its low power consumption. In other devices, for example, the fan consumes a great deal of energy, whereas the products of Prime Computer AG can greatly reduce your energy costs. This saving is particularly visible in companies, because in most cases, many computers are in use. Refrain from using conventional devices and contribute your part in protecting the environment, with the computers from Prime Computer AG.

The perfect choice for all sectors

If you are now wondering about the type of industries that use the small computers, then know that the choice seems limitless. Since the housing of the computer is completely sealed, it is also appreciated, for example, in carpenters or metalworking companies. People tend to trust in these innovative products, even in agriculture or at the hairdresser. In addition, thanks to the minimalist design, the computers occupy little space, and this development fits in, especially in small office buildings. Even after many years, the devices still produce a consistent performance and there are no signs of wear and tear. Since the products are very hygienic, the computers are even used in the medical field. Even in clean rooms, many customers do not want to rely on any other alternatives. The construction is extremely robust and small bumps or radiations cannot harm the devices. In the food industry, the computers of Prime Computer AG also perform their services, and the additional costs for repairs or breakdowns are negligible. Thanks to its small size, it is particularly portable. As such, the computers can be used even in cars, in mobile homes or on boats. This reliable device has an extremely low error rate and can even be installed in small cabinets. So it does not matter if you just use the small computer to surf the Internet or to do all your bookkeeping with it. This computer leaves no questions unanswered and you can currently look forward to three high quality models. You may want to edit pictures or use the computer for your private office. Everything is possible and connecting the keyboard, mouse or screen becomes child’s play. Your PrimeMini reliably performs all tasks and at breakneck speed. Among other things, this is ensured by high-quality components from renowned manufacturers, which are installed in the devices and subsequently tested in the in-house production of Prime Computer AG. The PrimeMini can be used, even as a media player or for presentations, and thanks to the compact size they are very flexible with these devices.

Here are the details

In addition to the fanless design and the maintenance-free nature, you can sustainably reduce your costs with the PrimeMini. The charging times are very low and the computer can be used in a few seconds after switching on. Even after the purchase, you’ll still be on the safe side with the computers from Prime Computer AG. As such, the company gives you a 5-year warranty on all computers and you can rest assured. Customer satisfaction is paramount and that’s what matters.