Zur Feier des Earth Day und unserer Partnerschaft mit der Exponential Climate Action Summit II wurden der CEO von Prime Computer, Sacha Ghiglione, und die Cooperate Social Responsibility Managerin, Monika Dreno, zu einem Interview mit We Don’t Have Time eingeladen.

Wenn du 5 Minuten Zeit hast und dir Nachhaltigkeit und unser Planet am Herzen liegen, empfehlen wir dir, das komplette Interview anzusehen. Das Interview wurde in Englisch durchgeführt, daher ist das untenstehende Transkript auch in Englisch.

Video Transkript

We Don’t Have Time: «On your website, you write «By the end of 2021, we aim to manufacture all our products along the entire production chain in a climate-neutral manner through CO2 savings and compensation.» Can you explain how you will achieve this?»

Monica Dreno: «We are aware that any production will cause carbon emissions. We have calculated the carbon emissions of all our products from manufacturing until end-of-life and will compensate the amount through forestation projects already in 2021. Of course, this is only a first step towards a sustainable future. The next step is to focus on CO2 savings. Through new business models such as for instance the service model, where we can reduce our carbon emissions. It will also take new product designs to be able to reuse as many components as possible and create a true circular economy.»

We Don’t Have Time: «You say your products require less energy to run than other computers, can you explain how this works? What is the innovation that allows you to achieve energy efficiency? Are you able to quantify how much more energy efficient your product is than a competitor product?»

Sacha Ghiglione: «Yes, the fanless design and the use of high-quality and precisely tuned components allow a particularly compact design and give our PCs and servers maximum reliability. As it is build from one anodized aluminum block, we use casing as a cooling system. Therefore we build it fanless and also eliminate further mechanical parts. The comparison of energy efficiency is obviously depending on the competitor product. But we say we can save up to 80% of energy cost per device this way. To be more concrete we build a TCO calculator on our page to give the customers the opportunity not only to calculate the energy but also the CO2 savings.»

We Don’t Have Time: «Your second life program sounds very interesting, can you explain what it is, why it is important and how it works?»

Monica Dreno: «Sure, we want to give your IT hardware a second life. Because reuse is much more ecological than direct recycling. We want to conserve resources through conscious and responsible action. That is why we work with a certified partner to ensure that your no longer needed devices are used instead of destroyed. We take back large quantities of used IT devices and upcycle and reintroduce them into the cycle through a certified partner. People in weaker economic regions can benefit from functional IT there. You will receive a credit for your old IT hardware, which you can redeem for Prime Computer products.»

We Don’t Have Time: «What are some of your current biggest challenges for making Prime Computers, even more, planet compatible? What would you like the We Don’t Have Community to help you with? Are there any questions you would like to ask them to answer?»

Sacha Ghiglione: «A challenge we currently see and fear is that there is a lot of greenwashing going around. Big Brands announce “netzero” goals and sustainable plans for 2030 or even 2050. This is in 29 years. I mean common. What I like for the community is to be focused on those brands and communities that really have our planet in mind on not the next quarters or hopping on this sustainable train for the sake of marketing. On the other side I see a lot of potential in the right spots, where alliance partnerships like for instance, the Circular Electronics Partnership is being built. The future needs not only to be about regenerating but mostly about how to create a more circular one and therefore less waste. E-waste is the fasted-growing waste stream in the world. This is going to be a mayor point for all consumers. What I would like to ask the community is how we and others companies quantify and communicate the value of circular products and services?»

Sacha Ghiglione & Monica Dreno: «Thank you for giving us the opportunity to explain how our sustainability claims match up to reality. Before you go, we wanted to ask for your help. The We Don’t Have Time community is full of climate-conscious citizens who give a lot of good advice. We’d love to hear your feedback and if there’s anything you think we should know about then please put it in the comments. You can also comment on this video with any questions you would like us to answer in a future interview. Thank you all for watching and I hope you enjoyed this video.»

We Don’t Have Time ist eine Bewegung und ein Tech-Startup, das die Macht der sozialen Medien nutzt, um Führungskräfte und Unternehmen für den Klimawandel zur Verantwortung zu ziehen. Die Gründer und Unterstützer von We Don’t Have Time sind ganz normale Menschen mit unterschiedlichen Hintergründen und Erfahrungen. Wenn du überzeugt bist von unserer Mission und unseren Produkten, kannst du uns auf We Don’t Have Time beurteilen mit einem Climate Love Post.

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